Beef Aquitaine

ラベル・ルージュ アキテーヌ産ブロンド牛

Blonde d'Aquitaine is a beef cattle breed which is renowned for being light and tender. It has a national Red Label quality mark. This guarantees animal welfare and traceability throughout the production chain. 

New Aquitaine


TheBlond d'Aquitaine beef cattle breed originates from three strains of blond cattle from the South West (Garonnais, Quercy and Blond des Pyrénées), which were merged in the 1960s. The cattle are farmed for their very tender, low-fat meat, which provides a higher proportion of noble cuts than other breeds. They are recognizable by their distinctive, uniform cream color and have a large, muscular frame; the adult males can weigh up to 1.7 tons. The Blonde d'Aquitaine is also France's third-ranking dairy cattle breed in terms of number of animals; it is farmed in 30 countries around the world. It is easy to breed, very docile, which makes free-range farming easier, and adapts to all climates. The national Red Label awarded to the breed guarantees compliance with a strict set of standards ensuring traceability and health monitoring, from breeding to point of sale. Red Label Blond d'Aquitaine beef cattle are fed grass for six months of the year, supplemented by fodder and cereal-based feeds produced on the farm or purchased from recommended manufacturers.

Character 特徴

Visual 外見 The flesh is very red.
触ってみると The texture is fine.
Taste 味わい The meat is very tender and tasty, low in fat.

Nutrition and benefits 栄養価と効用

Its meat has a lower fat content than other breeds. It is rich in protein, B-group vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

Editor's Note エディターズノート

« This is the only cattle breed that can make its skin twitch to shoo away flies, in the same way as horses and zebus. »

How to use

Storing Red Label Blond d'Aquitaine beef

Can be kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, in its original packaging.

Zubereiten und servieren Blonde d'Aquitaine-Rind Label Rouge

Das Fleisch 30 Minuten vor der Zubereitung aus dem Kühlschrank holen, damit der Temperaturunterschied nicht zu hoch ist.

Genießen Blonde d'Aquitaine-Rind Label Rouge

Das Fleisch wird gebraten, gegrillt oder geschmort. Im Vergleich zu anderen Rassen bietet das Blonde d'Aquitaine-Rind Label Rouge mehr edle Fleischteile (zum Grillen), zu denen am besten Soßen passen (Roquefort-, Rotwein- oder eine trendige argentinische Chimichurri-Soße). Doch gibt es auch ausgezeichnete Stücke zum Schmoren, insbesondere für das berühmte Bœuf bourguignon.

Pairing ペアリング

Savory: Mushrooms, shallots, Roquefort, red wine sauce
Wines: Gigondas PDO, Medoc PDO,

IGP サヴォワ産ラクレットチーズ
IGP サヴォワ産ラクレットチーズ