Vin De France wines: the key to unlocking wine value for UK shoppers this christmas

If you're searching for wines in the UK with character that also demonstrate exceptional value, Vin De France wines are a real festive find. France is renowned for producing some of the best wines in the world but there is still value to be found, you just have to know what to look for.

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What is Vin De France wines?

Created in 2009, the Vin De France (VDF) wines designation means that the grapes used to make up the wine can come from across France. Therefore, Vin de France wines are all about flavour, focusing on the grape variety, rather than the region.

Freedom in a bottle

The VDF designation began a revolution in winemaking, where a new wave of winemakers, looking for creative freedom, produce exciting wines showing excellent quality. This means that the type of wines produced aren’t determined by a particular region, but by the ingenuity and flair of the individual winemaker.

Uncorking creativity

With Vin De France wines, winemakers are given a blank canvas to use grape varieties from across France, they can choose to use a single grape variety made with a unique expression or blend different varieties to make complementary flavours. This allows them to source grapes from different regions to design modern wines or to create interpretations of the more traditional, classic blends from specific regions.

Focus on flavour

You don’t have to be a wine buff to taste Vin De France wines; the wine labels make it much clearer what’s in the bottle. Wines are identified by their name, the grape varieties they are made with, who they’re made by and the vintage - the year the grapes were harvested.

The transparent labelling, combined with incredible value, make Vin De France wines much more accessible than other options; helping UK wine drinkers to gain a clearer understanding of what flavour profiles they prefer by easily identifying the grape variety or blend of grapes used to make the wine.

Delivering on diversity

Vin De France wines are made by all sorts of winemakers, large and small, from co-operatives to independent wineries. There are a diverse range of grape varieties used and a variety of winemaking techniques, from traditional to more innovative methods, whilst sharing a mission to create good quality, sustainable products.

The search for fabulous festive wines is over! The exceptional value, quality and accessibility makes Vin De France wines a great option to impress your guests this Christmas.

Virgin Wines are currently celebrating their Vin De France winemakers - the perfect introduction to discovering the variety and value of Vin De France wines this Christmas. Check out their special Christmas offers!

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