Vin De France Wines: how to pair them with Brit comforting classics

By Amelia Singer

Some of Amelia Singer's most exciting pairings tend to be those which are a bit more creative and outside of the box.

6 bottle of Vins de France

“Whatever grows together, goes together” is a failsafe principle when it comes to food and wine pairing. There is something effortlessly classic when pairing a Sauvignon Blanc with a goat cheese.

This creativity and flexibility of thought absolutely epitomises the Vin De France category of wine . This new generation of French wines enables winemakers to create wines with grapes coming from one or multiple regions in France and also to have more artistic freedom with blending in the winery.

And what better way to have fun with this innovative denomination of wine then to pair it with something slightly further afield than France – simple, casual Brit inspired cuisine. Amelia Singer has deliberately chosen extremely easy pairings which you can either prepare instantly or follow the simple recipes available here.  Wine is meant to be a life enhancer, so the focus is less time stressing in the kitchen and more about enjoying the Vin De France in your glass!

The wines which we will be focusing on are available from award-winning online drinks retailer, Virgin Wines. All of the wines are both extremely fantastic value ranging from £9.99- £11.99 and very food friendly. So, on that note, let’s move onto one of our favourite topics in wine – food and wine pairing!

The refreshing aperitif: Le Zeitgeist Sauvignon Blanc 2019

This 100% Sauvignon is a refreshingly bright wine with plenty of zippy lemon zest and a Schweppes soda like purity on the finish. To match the lightness of this wine I would pair this with salt and vinegar crisps, olives or if you want to go super retro – prawn cocktail with avocado!

£11.99, from Virgin Wines

© ©Laura Jalbert Jaja Food Studio

The fried food and pastry enlivener: Les Trois Calices Sauvignon Blanc 2019

This 100% Sauvignon Blanc has gone up a notch in terms of fruit intensity and body. Granny smith apple nuances burst out combined with citrus notes, capsicum freshness and a tangy lip smacking embrace. This weightier yet herbaceous wine can take on anything fried or wrapped in pastry.

My personal favourite pairings would be fish fingers, chips with malt vinegar, salmon en croute, Cornish pasties or veggie spinach and feta pastries.

£9.99, from Virgin Wines

The perfect salad/vegetable companion: Les Arbousiers Trio 2019

This trio of Sauvignon Blanc, Gros Manseng and the Colombard grape creates a wonderfully perfumed and lifted wine. The Gros Manseng contributes plenty of tropical gooseberry and tart apple notes, the Sauvignon adds fresh summer herb freshness and the Colombard gives a satisfying raciness. This zesty and textured wine has the subtle nuances to bring out the best in your veggie dishes.

Try with smoked salmon on rocket, fresh pea and goat cheese salad, vegetable quiche or even grilled asparagus wrapped up in prosciutto.

£10.99, from Virgin Wines

The Spicy Zest Enhancer: On the Drops Rouleur 2019

This super fun 50/50 blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Gros Manseng combines the bright acidity and snappy vegetal tang of the Sauvignon with the exotic guava fruit warmth and generous satiny body of the Gros Manseng. Due to the fleshiness, abundant ripe fruit and mouth watering saline finish this wine can enhance and complement a myriad of spices and tangy flavours.

Whether it is fishcakes with tartare sauce, roast beef and horseradish, lemon grass chicken stir fry or store-bought falafel sprinkled with pomegranate – this wine would harmonise and intensify these flavoursome combinations.

£10.99, from Virgin Wines

The personality-filled all-rounder: Trois Calices Essentiel 2019

A fantastically proportioned blend of exactly equal thirds of Colombard for citrus flourish, Gros Manseng for irrepressible quince and apricot iced tea juiciness and Sauvignon Blanc for aromatic verve. This full bodied, sun drenched fruit filled wine has the body which appeals to Chardonnay fans and the elegant pure freshness which Sauvignon Blanc lovers appreciate. 

Have fun pairing this with a variety of textures and flavours from Ploughman’s baguettes with branston pickle, cheese platters with Williams pear chutney, smoked salmon and cream cheese or bangers and creamy mash.

£10.99, from Virgin Wines

Last but definitely not least – we need a hearty and warming French red wine...

The comfort food Companion: Le Zeitgeist Red 2019

This Syrah and Grenache blend exudes ripe dark plum and blackberry fruit amplified with briary clove spice and a juicy acidity.  The depth of fruity combined with brightness enable this wine to stand up to meaty dishes whilst cutting through fat or sticky sauces.

For ultimate comfort pair with pork pie, devils on horseback, pâté and cranberry sauce, charcuterie boards or the classic cocktail sausages with tomato ketchup!

£9.99, from Virgin Wines

I hope that these food pairings have got you excited to try these Vin De France wines which are not only deliciously creative but fantastic value!

And to get you even more excited about this wine category, the Vin De France wines online competition in collaboration with Virgin wines is running from March 8th to March 19th 2021, giving readers the opportunity to win a mixed case of Vin De France wine bottles. All details here!


© ©Laura Jalbert Jaja Food Studio


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