Make room in your freezer for these Picard French food staples

By Valentine Benoist

Ask French people who grew up in big cities, there’s a good chance Picard gourmet frozen food was part of their childhood. Quick, easy yet super tasty supper options, they also work wonders when throwing a fab dinner party in no time. Available online via Ocado since 2016, French people’s favourite food outlet (2019 OC&C study) settles further into British homes, with a range of 25 products now available from 163 select Marks & Spencer stores across the country.  

Cordons bleus Picard

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Here are the 5 Frenchiest items you should always have in your freezer. No one needs to know you didn’t spend the whole afternoon chopping, peeling and cooking! 

The most kid-friendly: cordons-bleus 

Now that one is a classic! A French take on the schnitzel, these cordons-bleus are generous breaded chicken breasts, filled with a good chunk of PDO Comté cheese and French turkey bacon. The perfect midweek meal, with a side of creamed spinach to play it like French kids. 

The breakfast treat: croissants and pains au choc’ 

Waking up to the smell of freshly baked goods? No need to flour your kitchen countertop, just pop these all-butter pains au chocolat and croissants into the oven for a typical French breakfast. With a café s’il-vous-plaît! 

The dazzling dessert: chocolate lava cakes 

It’s a safe bet to assume most French people have already had a bite of the famous Picard individual chocolate moelleux cakes. The tender or runny heart is up to you, just adjust the oven time as indicated. Serve them with their best ally from this side of the channel —crème anglaise—or vanilla ice cream. Délicieux! 

The new pizza: flammekueche  

During chillier months, swap your weekly pizza night for its traditional Alsatian counterpart: thin puff pastry, crème fraîche, lardons and onions… What’s not to like?! Serve your flammekueche with a green salad and a glass of Alsace wine

The last bite of summer: ratatouille 

Tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, peppers and onions... Transport yourself to the sunny South of France with a serving of this organic ratatouille. Great on its own, it’s also an amazing base ingredient — savoury tart, veg-packed frittata, colourful omelette… You name it! 

Where to find them? 

Select Marks & Spencer stores 


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