Superior Cooked Ham Label Rouge

Awarded France's Label Rouge at the end of 2018, superior cooked ham certainly lives up to its name. It is essentially characterized by the quality of pork used (also Label Rouge), and the fact that is made from selected fresh hams. Rind on or rind off, seasoned with herbs or not, smoked or unsmoked, it offers a wonderfully authentic pork taste!

What you need to know

The term cooked ham covers a large group of products. The Label Rouge provides some clarity within this broad offering. Beginning with stipulations about how the raw ingredients are picked. Only Label Rouge certified pork can be used, and even then, after selection. The meat is processed while it is fresh, at the most four days after slaughter, to preserve all its qualities. After boning comes curing, using a restricted list of ingredients; tumbling, cooking, smoking if desired - over natural, untreated wood, if you please; chilling, slicing if needed and finally, packing, once the appearance of the ham has been checked and deemed satisfactory.




A fairly even, matte pink color. No holes, large veins or fat deposits here and there.


A slightly fibrous, tender texture and a typical pork meat taste.

Nutritional benefits

Superior cooked ham is high in proteins and relatively low in carbohydrates and fats compared to other cured meats.

How to use

Storing Label Rouge Superior cooked ham

Keep refrigerated until the use by date. However, once the pack has been opened, it must be eaten within three days.

Preparing Label Rouge Superior cooked ham

For cold dishes, don't hesitate to take the ham out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving. This will bring out the flavors more.

Using Label Rouge Superior cooked ham

Believe it or not, it can be cooked! Diced and added to a quiche or filling, or in slices around endive and ham gratin. Of course, you can also use it as it comes in France's famous "Jambon-beurre" (open ham sandwich), or in a pasta or rice salad, etc.

Pair with

Cheeses such as Emmental or Raclette, different breads, characterful salads, etc. Perfect with a glass of Régnié!

Mix &

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