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C'est la rentrée

C'est la Rentrée! 7 Easy, French-Inspired Recipes for Back-to-Work Lunches

The beginning of September can only mean one thing: la rentrée is upon us. Although summer-like temperatures now linger on well into the month, the back to school and back to work mentality of la rentrée carries on regardless however, la rentrée doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. Despite its significance that summer holidays are over, la rentrée brings a comforting feeling of normalcy back to daily life. Routines are restarted, activities are resumed, and after-work drinks, dinners, and gatherings are much easier to plan with friends and family.  



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Everything You Need to Know About French Wine Regions in Under 5 Minutes

Everything You Need to Know About French Wine Regions in Under 5 Minutes

Looking to level up your French wine knowledge in as little time as possible? We’ve got your back. We created this quick, 5-minute guide to France’s major wine regions to let you in on the key facts surrounding the country’s most popular viticultural areas. Get acquainted with France’s 12 major regions, the grapes it grows, and the wine styles it's known for producing in just a matter of minutes. Perusing your local wine shop or browsing your favorite wine bar’s list just got a whole lot easier!

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