Raise Your Glass to the Festive Season with Virgin Wines!

The end of the year is fast approaching, and you know what that means - it's time to plan those festive dinners and celebrations that bring joy to our hearts and palates.

Raise Your Glass to a Festive Season with the best varietal wines from France, courtesy of Virgin Wines!

All November and December 2023, Virgin Wines has a delightful suggestion that will elevate your gatherings to a whole new level: a selection of innovative and creative varietal wines that have one thing in common: they're all under the Vin De France designation! Whether you're hosting a grand feast or an intimate get-together, Virgin’s Vin De France wines selection has all you need to make your end-of-year celebrations truly memorable.


A Wine for Every Occasion

What makes Vin De France wines so special is its incredible versatility. They offer a fantastic range of wines that can pair seamlessly with various dishes, ensuring your culinary creations are perfectly complemented. For instance, start your feast with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc that will dance harmoniously with a delightful seafood platter. If red grilled meat is on the menu, a robust Cabernet Franc will stand by your side, adding depth and character to your meal. And for those mouthwatering roasted meats and vegetables, a Syrah from Vin De France wines will bring out the rich, smoky flavours.


Liberty, Quality, Creativity, Diversity, and Accessibility

Vins De France embodies the essence of French wine culture. It's all about liberty – the freedom to explore and savour an array of wine styles. The emphasis on quality is undeniable, ensuring that each bottle you uncork is a testament to the winemaker's dedication. The ingenuity displayed in their wine blends and styles is undeniably inspiring, offering a new adventure with every bottle. Grape varieties serve as the foundation for the flavours of wine, and Vin De France wholeheartedly embraces this notion. Producers are granted the freedom to utilize and combine a diverse array of grape varieties, including unconventional varietal blends, heritage grapes, grapes from various origins, and a spectrum of winemaking techniques, both modern and ancient.

This approach empowers producers to craft fresh, contemporary flavour profiles, transforming Vin De France into an ideal "playground" for these skilled artisans to create well-balanced, approachable wines. This methodology provides wine enthusiasts with the opportunity to savor a broad spectrum of flavours, each narrating a distinct and delightful tale. Diversity is another cornerstone, ensuring there's a wine for every palate. And, above all, accessibility means that these extraordinary wines are within reach of all wine enthusiasts.

In summary, Vin De France wines are easy to understand, contemporary, genuine, and accessible. These are the wines that will not only meet but exceed your expectations, and they'll do it with a touch of French elegance.

Vins De France captures the spirit of French wine culture with a focus on liberty, allowing exploration and enjoyment of various wine styles. Quality is paramount, reflecting the dedication of winemakers in every uncorked bottle. The creativity displayed in blending and styles offers a new adventure with each sip. Embracing a wide array of grape varieties, including unconventional blends and heritage grapes, Vins De France empowers producers to craft contemporary flavour profiles. This approach transforms it into a "playground" for skilled artisans, creating well-balanced, approachable wines. Diversity ensures there's a wine for every palate, and above all, accessibility makes these extraordinary wines reachable for all enthusiasts.

In essence, Vin De France wines deliver easy-to-understand, contemporary, genuine, and exceptional experiences with a touch of French elegance.


Let's Make It a Festive Affair!

As we prepare to bid farewell to another year, let's make every moment count. Gather your loved ones, set your tables, and pop the cork on a bottle of Vin De France wine. Celebrate the unique character of these exceptional wines and the diversity they bring to your celebrations.

Now, here's the cherry on top of the cake – Virgin Wines is currently running an exciting promotion on Vins De France! It's the perfect time to stock up for the festive season, it's your golden opportunity to elevate your wine collection and indulge in a world of flavours.

With this exclusive promotion, you can choose from three mouthwatering options:

  1. Mixed-Colour Cases: Are you an adventurous wine lover who enjoys exploring a spectrum of grape varieties and flavours? Virgin’s mixed-colour case offers a delightful assortment of reds, whites, and even rosés, ensuring you have the perfect wine for every occasion this holiday season.
  2. Red Cases: For those who savour the rich, robust notes of red varietal wines, Virgin has a curated selection of some of the finest Vin De France reds. From velvety Merlot to bold Cabernet, these cases are tailored to satisfy your red wine cravings.
  3. White Cases: If your preference leans towards the crisp and refreshing world of white wines, our white cases are designed to captivate your taste buds. Discover the elegance of Grenache, the zesty notes of Sauvignon Blanc, and more in Virgin’s collection of Vin De France whites.


No matter which option you choose, the Virgin Wines promotion is a fantastic opportunity to stock up for holiday gatherings, special dinners, or to simply enjoy a quiet evening by the fireplace.


Don't wait, prepare your festive celebrations today!

Seize the opportunity, and head over to Virgin Wines to take advantage of the limited-time offer from Virgin Wines. Choose the case that suits your taste, or even create your own one, and raise your glass to a festive season filled with liberty, quality, creativity, diversity, and accessibility. 

Let the enchanting flavours of Vin De France wines add a touch of magic to your end-of-year celebrations. Cheers to a memorable and joyful season!

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