5 recipe ideas to jazz up your leftovers

By Valentine Benoist

We know how daunting these leftovers lying around your kitchen can be. Here at Taste France Magazine, we’re all about wasting less food and making more delicious recipes out of what’s at hand! From trout to raw shallots and the classic dried-out croissant, here are a few of our favourite creative ways to breathe new life into your French ingredient leftovers.


Pizza-style focaccia with French shallots


© ©ContentLAB Studio

You bought a whole bag of French shallots and don’t know what to do with the rest of them? It turns out leftover shallots make the perfect pizza topping! Their delicate and sweet flavour with a hint of sharpness will brighten up that dough, especially when it’s the  pillowy focaccia kind like this one. With a bit of crème fraîche, it’s a quick and easy midweek winner.

Read the full recipe here.

Veal meatballs with Bayonne ham and Comté cheese


© ©Tartadefresas

It would be a shame to throw this half-drunk bottle of French red wine down the drain, wouldn’t it? The great news is that red wine is the magic ingredient to many traditional French stews and more, from Bœuf Bourguignon to red wine poached pears

Our favourite right now ticks all the tasty boxes with indulging veal meatballs, Bordeaux red wine, PGI Bayonne ham and cheesy PDO Comté grated on top. So comforting!
Read the full recipe here.


French trout rillettes with orange zest, dill, and rye bread

© ©BrakeThrough Media

A typical French spread that comes in all shapes and sizes, rillettes are a firm French favourite at the apéro table. The most famous versions are usually pork or duck, but don’t overlook their fish counterparts! 

These can be made by mashing up any type of leftover cooked or cured fish. In this recipe, the orange zest and the dill highlight the flavours of the trout, a true delight served on rye bread. For an extra kick, add in a couple of pink peppercorns.
Read the full recipe here.


Green asparagus quiche

Nothing screams Spring quite as much as asparagus. So if you’re the kind of person who bulk buys these lovely greens as soon as the sun comes out, this one’s for you. 

A French homecook staple, quiche is the best way to rework literally any leftover: tired veg a the back of your fridge? Old chunks of cheese? Roast chicken bits? Yes please, all in the quiche, a rolled-out dough, a few eggs and there you go. This one is a match made in heaven, bringing together asparagus, fresh goat cheese and plenty of fresh herbs. 

Read the full recipe here.


Ham, cheese and fig croissant

© ©Crazy Cat Lady London

Yes, sometimes there is such a thing as leftover croissants. Rather than letting this flaky, delicacy go stale, the best quick fix you can make is stuffing it! 

In this recipe, juicy Solliès figs, cream cheese, and the finest French ham snuggly fit in the sliced croissant for the perfect brunch recipe. For extra buttery deliciousness, toast it quickly in a hot pan or under your oven grill.
Read the full recipe here.


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