18 Delicious French Recipes to Enjoy in the Spring

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Discover 18 mouth-watering French recipes that are perfect for spring, featuring asparagus, raspberries and melon. From cocktails to desserts, savour the flavours of the season.

In French cuisine, springtime is synonymous with an abundance of fresh produce. The green or white  French asparagus and French strawberries are just two such examples, each bringing their unique flavours and textures to a variety of dishes. These ingredients are a testament to the richness of French agricultural heritage. Explore their stories and savor their tastes in our featured recipes.

Refreshing Spring Cocktails to Quench Your Thirst

Spring is the perfect time of the year to whip up nice, refreshing drinks with the season’s freshest ingredient. These French-inspired cocktails are just right for any party or simply relaxing on a sunny afternoon. From refreshing watermelon mojitos to rich beetroot champagne cocktails, these recipes combine vibrant flavours and a touch of French flair.

Seasonal Spring Starters to Impress Your Guests

Start your spring meals with these delightful French entrées that highlight the best of the season’s produce. Creamy asparagus soup, a fresh asparagus salad with crottin de Chavignol, and fig and goat cheese toast are just a few examples of how French cuisine turns simple ingredients into gourmet delights.

Savoury Spring Main Courses

Dive into these hearty main courses that showcase the rich flavours of French spring cuisine. From a delicate clafoutis with white asparagus and Emmental cheese to a savoury Easter roast leg of Sisteron lamb, these dishes are perfect for both everyday meals and special occasions.

Delightful Spring Desserts to Sweeten Your Day

Nothing says spring quite like strawberries. End your meal on a sweet note with these delectable spring puddings that celebrate the season’s bounty. From a classic strawberry cheesecake to an inventive granola spaetzle with walnuts and Vosges honey, these spring desserts are as beautiful as they are delicious.

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