Nîmes Strawberries PGI

Production area

This Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) belongs to the first French strawberries of the season grown in open ground. These Gariguette or Ciflorette-variety berries arrive on shelves from March onwards.

What you need to know

Situated between Provence and Camargue, the Costières de Nîmes plateau is where the strawberries of the same name are grown. The PGI obtained in 2013 authorises just two varieties: Gariguettes, which are quite thin, beautiful, vermilion red berries; and Ciflorettes, which are very elongated, and orange to brick red in colour. Both are grown a stone's throw from Nîmes, in open ground and under shelter, to make the most of the particular climatic conditions: a cool winter and an early spring, with wind, very concentrated episodes of rainfall, and consistent sunshine. All of which supports early harvests, by hand, from March to mid-June.




Nîmes strawberries should be bright and evenly coloured, without any bruising and with a very green stem and cap.


Nîmes strawberries are neither firm nor soft; they are just right!


Whilst Gariguettes are tender and slightly tart, Ciflorettes are distinguished by their juicy, very sweet flesh.

Nutritional benefits

Like their cousins, Nîmes strawberries have high levels of vitamin C and fibre, which is contained in their tiny seeds.

Editor's note

« It was not until the 18th century that France discovered large strawberries as we know them today. Until then, and from the Middle Ages, only wild strawberries had been popular, served with cream for the ladies, and – wait for it – wine for the gentlemen! »

How to use

Storing Nîmes Strawberries

Nîmes strawberries can be kept for a maximum of 2 days in the fridge.

Prepare Nîmes Strawberries

The fruits must be washed quickly with clean water before eating or working with them.

Serve Nîmes Strawberries

Apart from the traditional Fraisier strawberry cake, Nîmes strawberries lend themselves to many delights, including tarts, clafoutis, coulis, jam, sorbet, milkshake, soufflé, mousse, and more.

Pair with

Mint, pistachios, pepper, vanilla, whipped cream, chocolate… And on the wine side, why not a rosé from Les Riceys?

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