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A Beginner's Guide To French Cheese

Join us on an immersive journey into the realm of French cheeses! Discover captivating stories from artisan cheesemakers, explore deliciously cheesy recipes and delve into our informative guides to unravel the secrets of French cheese culture.

Together, let's explore the realm of French cheeses, where century-old traditions and a passion for quality come together. From the gentle creaminess of Brie de Meaux to the bold character of Roquefort, the diverse selection found on a French cheese board reflects the rich landscapes of their origins. Former French President Charles de Gaulle once humorously said: "How can you govern a country with 365 kinds of cheese?". Indeed, this witty observation captures the remarkable breadth and diversity of French cheeses.


Soft and creamy varieties, exemplified by Camembert de Normandie, boast tender interiors and velvety rinds that pair wonderfully with bread or dried fruits. Transitioning to hard cheeses, such as Comté and Emmental de Savoie, reveals dense textures and aged profiles, unveiling layers of nutty and savory notes that elevate any dish... especially when melted. Goat and sheep cheeses should also not be forgotten with tangy bûche de chèvre and rich Ossau-Iraty presenting distinct flavors that can be enjoyed in salads... or as standalone treats of course! Not sure about you, but we're already feeling a bit peckish here... 

Iconic French Cheeses you should know about

Discover the traditions behind some of the most famous French cheeses with our informative product guides

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