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Though best known for its bubbly, the cheeses of the Champagne region are definitely nothing to be sniffed at.

Starting with Chaource. This cow's milk cheese hails from an area stretching from Troyes to Tonnerre, about 3 hours South-East of Paris. It has a long coagulation process that gives it its distinctive creamy, lactic notes. Perfect on its own, you can also enjoy it in a gratin or a variety of recipes.

What you need to know

How Is Chaource Made?

Chaource is both a village and a cheese. It might seem simple, but its production has some specifics. Awarded an AOC label in 1970 and a PDO label in 1996, Chaource must be made with milk from cows born in the appellation area.


The farms that raise the cows must supply at least 75% of the animals’ feed. The cows graze for over five months a year, with limited supplements. The high-quality milk that’s produced is heated to 25-35 °C (77-95 °F) and rennet is added.


After 12 hours of coagulation, the curds are cut and placed in perforated molds to drain naturally.


After 48 hours, the cheese is removed from the mold, salted and dried in a ventilated room for 24 hours. Then, it ripens for at least 14 days, the minimum amount of time needed for it to develop its rind and for its lactic flavors to emerge.


What does Chaource Taste Like?

Chaource has a soft, creamy texture and tastes slightly salty with a touch of acidity. It delivers notes of cream, hazelnut and earthy mushrooms. Chaource's creaminess makes it perfect with sourdough, but it’s also great on a quiche, in a creamy poultry sauce, crumbled over an endive salad, or diced in a squash puree.




A small, flat cylinder with a thin white rind and smooth paste.


Soft and creamy texture with aromas of cream, fresh mushrooms, and hazelnut.

Editor's note

« "In summer, we used to eat it nice and fresh on some bread with shallot and radish slices. It was so refreshing!" Madame Peschaux, Chaource resident »

How to use

Storing Chaource

Keep it in the fridge, sealed in the original box and wrapping to prevent it from drying out.

Preparing Chaource

Take out of the fridge 30 minutes before serving to release its flavours.

Cooking Chaource

Chaource’s creamy notes go beautifully with sourdough, but it’s also great on a quiche, in a creamy poultry sauce, crumbled over an endive salad, or diced in a squash puree.

Pair with

Chaource fromage goes splendidly with Bourgogne-Vézelay, Rosé-des-Riceys, or of course Champagne! Try adding some simple black grapes, honey and dried fruits to your plate for a lovely refreshing experience.

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