Tacos con Pato Confitado y Pico de Gallo a la naranja
20 min
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Confit Duck Tacos with orange Pico de Gallo

By Ysabel Taberner, Food Stylist

A delicious dinner any night of the week. Bright and cheerful, it features an exquisite mix of flavours, while the orange pico de gallo sauce adds a Mediterranean twist.

Preparation time

20 min

Ingredients For

  • 2 shredded
  • x 4
  • French Tomatoes
    French Tomatoes
  • x 1
  • Cévennes sweet onion
    Cévennes Sweet Onion PDO
  • x 1
  • PDO Espelette Pepper
    Piment d'Espelette PDO
  • x 1
  • Olive oil and blue background
    Vallée des Baux-de-Provence Olive Oil PDO
    2 cucharadas See the article
  • しょう油
    Soy Sauce
    2 cucharadas



Start by preparing the pico de gallo: Dice the onion, chop the tomatoes (removing seeds) and dice the coriander. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and season with the juice of half an orange, orange zest, lime juice, salt and pepper.


Shred the confit duck. You can do this using a knife or with your hands. Sauté the shredded meat in a frying pan with olive oil and Espelette pepper. Once golden, remove from the heat and add the soy sauce.


Fill the tacos with the meat mixture and top with pico de gallo.

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