The best recipes for a successful French apéritif !

What could sound more French than putting together an “Apéritif”? The “Apéritif” refers to a convivial gathering with friends or family, where everyone enjoys drinks and shares food. It usually precedes a meal or you can make it your main course which unlike making a single dish for your guests, you put together individual portions of easy and tasty recipes.
Get ready to host the perfect French “apéritif” and blow your guests's minds !

The best recipes for a successful French apéritif!

On the section below you'll find our favorite drinks made with French ingredients, that would be a perfect fit for your appéritif evening !

Burgundy Spritz
  • Géraldine Leverd
  • Bloggerin

Don't worry, we thought about the non-alcoholic beverages as well !

Mint Lemonade
  • 脇 雅世
  • 料理研究家

Our selection of appetizers include hot and cold food, usually individuals portions so that everyone can help themselves, or easy to share dishes !

  • Géraldine Leverd
  • Bloggerin
French Mayonnaise
  • Géraldine Leverd
  • Bloggerin

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