5 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables From France to See You Through The Winter

By Keda Black

Winter has arrived! All the more reason to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. With a few tips and tricks, they will delight taste buds and provide you with all the vitamins you need. These five recipes prove the point.

5 F&L pour passer l'hiver

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Cauliflower power

There's little more comforting than cauliflower cheese, but did you know a good cauliflower from Brittany, Normandy or elsewhere in Northern France works just as well solo: simply baste it with oil and spices, then bake it whole in the oven. This is a vegetable with raw talent too... Grate your cauliflower raw and prepare the "grains" as you would a tabbouleh, with parsley, chopped mint, olive oil, lemon, almonds…

An apple a day...

In France, this fruit has more than one trick up its sleeve. French people eat more apples than any other fruit, and for good reason. How? Throw some diced Ariane apple into a vinaigrette and your green lentils will thank you for it! Half a Belchard gray apple added to a parsnip soup will bring a welcome hint of tartness. Try grating half a Reine des Reinettes apple into the filling for a chard and Comté cheese quiche, for an equally surprising but delicious result. And what about a baked apple dessert with... apples Easy as (apple) pie!

Do lots with shallots

Whether they come from Provence, Brittany or Aubergne, these members of the onion family know how to please your palate. Slice them very finely and mix them with flat-leaf parsley, salt, pepper and a drop of red wine vinegar. Drizzle with olive oil and store in the fridge. You can call on your persillade to boost the flavor of a velouté, stew, salt pork or pasta gratin with ham... Or perhaps you would prefer confit whole shallots, peeled and roasted low and slow in a little olive oil, or chopped, caramelized and added to a homemade focaccia.

The magic of kiwi

It turns out this fruit ripens beautifully in the French sunshine! In shades of green, yellow and red, there's even a ready-to-eat baby version!

So many recipes come to mind... An invigorating smoothie? Mix 2 to 3 peeled kiwis with a banana and a squeeze of lime. Something sweeter? Make a kiwi cream, just as you would the classic lemon version, pour into a shortcrust pastry case and top with a soft meringue. Divine!

Champion the onion

This old friend is full of surprises! Starting with a raw condiment: thin slices of sweet onion such Cévennes, mixed with chopped dates, salt and olive oil make a delicious accompaniment to cheese. Then there are the onions of Alsace and Brittany, sliced, caramelized and added to a blini batter and paired with smoked salmon for example. And to finish on a high note... Stuff some onions with their flesh, chopped and sautéed until golden, along with sausage meat, flat leaf parsley, pepper and a hint of sage, then roast them for 45 minutes at 350 °C…

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