Napoleon of Limousin apple
45 min
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Napoleon of Limousin apple

Grown on the plains of Haut Limousin, Limousin apples are delicious both cooked and raw. Their firm flesh is tender when cooked, which is why we love it in a napoleon. This recipe is a gourmet combination of three textures: creamy, crispy and tender. An explosion of sensations in the mouth with a counterpoint of spiciness from... Worcestershire sauce! Super bold and super tasty! 
A delicious wine pairing with a Bourgogne selection from Domaine Lucien Muzard&Fils 

Ingredients For



Cut the dough into circles and bake them. Set aside the circles.  


Peel the apples and process them with a spiralizer to get strips.  


Sprinkle the butter in a baking dish, add the sugar and a few drops of sauce.


Add the strips, and repeat these steps 4 times. The mixture should be taller than the dish. Bake at 340°F (170°C) for 45 minutes.  


Make a caramel and deglaze as if for sauce anglaise. Coat the apples with the sauce.  
Cut out a circle and place on the cooked dough circle.  

Pair with

Red wine - Santenay Vielles Vignes from Domaine Lucien Muzard&Fils 

A wine borne of a 60-year-old vine, leaning toward black-current jam, a hint of vegetal aromas providing freshness, ample, refreshing and full-bodied mouth feel, structured around fine tannins." The Hachette Wine Guide 2021

Vinification & maturing : 
The grapes are never crushed, a major part of the grapes is destemmed and we keep around 30% as whole bunches. Alcohol fermentation is achieved with indigenous yeast. The wine is subjected to light cap-punching or pigeage during vatting. After 18 to 20 days, we devat and blend free run wine with press wine for maturation in Burgundian oak barrels, 15% of which are new.

Want to know more about this estate and his family story? It's over here

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