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PDO Golden Delicious apples from Limousin have a lot to offer. Not only they are tasty, juicy, large, and sweet, they also can be stored for long periods of time! The fruit is grown on the high plains of France's Limousin region.

What you need to know

The high altitude in which these apples are grown give them their beautiful color. The contrast between cool nights and warm days at the end of the season on the plains of Limousin are responsible for the pink hue on parts of these Golden Delicious apples, a normally golden-colored apple that offers the perfect blend of sweetness and tangy zing.

PDO Limousin apples are hand-picked between late September and early October, then carefully packaged to prevent the fruit from being jostled, which would distort its elongated shape and shorten how long the apples could be stored. They are easy to spot in the market. Just look for apples with the labels "AOP" (the French name for PDO) and "Pomme du Limousin" (Apples from Limousin).

Nutritional benefits

Apples are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Editor's note

« I really like cooking with these apples. I love cooking them in the skillet with a bit of butter after peeling them and cutting them into slices. Then I serve the apples with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a spoonful of thick crème fraîche. »

Pair with

Sweet: vanilla, pears, and double cream.

Savory: poultry, roasted pork or veal, hard-rind cheeses, and Camembert.

Wine: Clairette de Die, Pinot Blanc d'Alsace, Vouvray Blanc, and Pineau des Charentes Blanc as well as Pommeau de Normandie.

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