French mojito
10 min
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French Mojito, Cucumber & Mint

By Valentine Benoist, Editor

A  twist on the Classic cocktail, this mojito features French rum combined with fresh mint and cucumber for the ultimate summer refresher. Santé 🌿 

Preparation time

10 min

Ingredients For

  • Rhum Agricole
    Martinique Rhum Agricole
  • x 1
  • x 10
  • x 0.50
  • Sucre CANNE
    Guadeloupe Cane Sugar
    2 tablespoons See the article



Start by peeling and juicing the cucumber. You want 6 cl per serving.


In a high ball glass, put the mint leaves, the lime and the sugar. Crush gently with a pestle.


Add the French Rum and cucumber juice.


Fill the glass with ice and top it up with sparkling water


Garnish with fresh mint and enjoy with a reusable straw

Serving tip 
Thinly slice a mini cucumber and stick the slide inside the glass before adding the ice and sparkling water.

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