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Isigny Crème Fraîche & Bresse Crème Fraîche PDO

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One-of-a-kind PDO crèmes fraîches are made from milk produced in Normandy (Isigny) and Burgundy (Bresse). Made using a slow maturation process, these heavy creams offer a rich and round flavor offset by a subtle, tangy taste.

What you need to know

Cream and nothing but. PDO-certified crèmes fraîches from Isigny and Bresse come with several guarantees. For one, local milk tastes better and, unlike your "average" heavy cream, no additives or thickeners are used in the production process. They have a high fat content of 35-40%, while the average heavy cream is 30% fat. This gives the crèmes fraîches their unparalleled flavor.  

The fattier and heavier the cream, the more flavor it will have. These types of cream are also better able to withstand the cooking process and throughly coat whatever dish you are making. As a result, you can use much less, and it tastes better to boot! 

PDO Isigny crèmes fraîche is made with milk from Normandy. It is pasteurized, then matured slowly over a period of 16-18 hours at room temperature. During this time, the cream develops its characteristic sweet and tangy flavors. With a minimum fat content of 35% that often rises to 40%, its creamy texture and ability to thoroughly coat whatever dish you are creating makes it highly prized in cooking and pastry baking. 

PDO Bresse cream is made from milk sourced from Bresse that has been slowly matured using organic methods. The semi-thick version has a higher fat content and is even creamier. It withstands long cooking times, which makes it a great option when you're making a Bresse chicken dish or scalloped potatoes.  

The thick version of the cream features a tangier flavor and strong, distinctive aromas.

Nutritional benefits

Rich in calcium.

Editor's note

« Whenever I have crèmes fraîche from Isigny or Bresse, I like eating them plain and uncooked. If I want a Scandinavian-type meal, I can pair them with fish and smoked roe on blinis. If I'm in the mood for a really rich dessert, I put it on a tarte tatin. If I want a more diet-friendly option, it pairs well with fromage blanc and fresh fruit. »

Pair with

Sweet: seasonal fruit salad, fruit tarte, and fromage blanc with a red berry coulis. 

Savory: poultry, roasted pork or veal, savory fromage blanc, carrots, and mushrooms.  

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