The Chardo Mule®
5 min

The Chardo Mule Cocktail

The Chardo Mule® is a bright, sun-filled cocktail. The perfect combo of Vin De France Chardonnay and Ginger Beer, spiked with a twist of lime and served on the rocks, it makes a dazzling centrepiece for any aperitif.

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Ingredients For

  • 9 cl
  • 6 cl
  • 1 splash of
In partnership with  Vin de France Wines

Chill your glass with a few ice cubes and add 2/3 of VDF Chardonnay

Squeeze in the juice of half a lime

Top up your glass with 1/3 of Ginger Beer

Finish off with a slice of lime

Your Chardo Mule® is ready. Enjoy!

PDO Poitou-Charente Butter
PDO Poitou-Charente Butter
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