Fusion cuisine has no season and its blending of flavors from here and elsewhere has never been so popular. Taste France Magazine knows this and has broken it down. That's enough theory. In practical terms, the leading international media outlet for great French dining is serving up an overview of our regional products and melting pot competition on your TV. On your marks? Get set? 

Napoleon of Limousin apple

On September 6, six foodie YouTubers from five countries arrived in Paris. Why? To spend a few days (re)discovering the finest French products and French cuisine. After all, that is the overarching mission of Taste France Magazine. Surely they had seen it all before? Not at all, if one judges by the wonder in their eyes in the aisles of the bustling Rungis market or at an urban cheese store in the heart of the capital. Or in the urban cellars of a Parisian wine house receiving its first grape harvests of the season. These are just some of the unusual experiences documented in the The Unexpected French Tour series, which starts broadcasting in November. The starting point for new adventures ... 

Back in the studio, the six YouTubers hit the kitchen. One by one, they are served three homemade dishes that combine products from their home country and local French ingredients. Will they be able to identify them? What will they think of this mix of flavors, both familiar and unique? And which French wine will they pair with each dish? We might as well tell you off the bat: they were blown away! Good times all around! And that includes you ‒ on the other side of the screen. Doesn't this melting pot make you want to mix & match for yourself? Get answers and more over the course of this second series you can watch on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram IGTV.  

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