The food of the future is on the move

Insects seem to be a solution regarding the food challenges of the future, offering a sustainable protein source for mankind and animals. In France, Ÿnsect, Innovafeed, and Agronutris are leading the way. 

The food of the futur is on the move

Insects boast an exceptionally high protein content, surpassing that of soybeans. 

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), they are regarded as a sustainable alternative to traditional animal proteins considering depleting natural resources, the impact of global warming, and the challenges posed by population growth. France is the pioneer of this new industry, with 3 major players, Ÿnsect, Innovafeed, and Agronutris who are providing innovative solutions for agriculture, aquaculture, and human nutrition. 


Ÿnsect: Leading the way in sustainable agriculture and beyond 


In the realm of sustainable agriculture and insect-based agriculture, Ÿnsect stands as a trailblazing pioneer. This innovative company believes that a food system revolution is not just desirable but essential for our planet's future and offers solutions at every stage of the food chain: for humans, animals, and plants. 
Ÿnsect's approach to insect breeding is nothing short of cutting-edge. They cultivate 2 varieties of beetles, within state-of-the-art vertical farms, harnessing the power of advanced robotics, computer vision, and AI technology.  

According to various university studies beetle-based products are a high-quality protein alternative, but also a superfood with health benefits regarding cholesterol and digestion for humans. 
On the plants and crops front, Ÿnsect has developed a natural fertilizer from the droppings of the beetles that outperforms both traditional natural and chemical fertilizers in agriculture.  

And for pets and poultry, Ÿnsect studies have shown that with beetle-based food, animals grow faster, healthier and minimize the risk of allergies. 


Sustainable aquaculture and pet food with Black Soldier Fly proteins 

Innovafeed is another French pioneering company specializing in insect-based aquaculture solutions. The current aquaculture model, based essentially on fishmeal, is running out of steam to meet growing demand. 
Innovafeed's insect proteins, extracted from the Black Soldier Fly, offer a distinctive nutritional blend tailored for aquaculture. Furthermore, they are inherently natural. In the wild, trout derive as much as 70% of their diet from insects. But that is not all.  In 2018, Innovafeed collaborated with various stakeholders in the aquaculture sector to introduce the world's inaugural trout, nourished with insect protein, to French consumers. This initiative was promoted through the French retail chain, Auchan. 


Agronutris is a biotechnology company specializing in breeding and processing insects into proteins for animal feed. Like Innovafeed, Agronutris distinguishes itself through its use of the black soldier fly as a source of high-quality protein. Unlike conventional protein sources, black soldier fly offers a unique combination of nutrition and sustainability. They are rich in essential amino acids and can be produced efficiently with minimal environmental impact.  


Embracing insect proteins in French gastronomy: A sustainable food revolution? 

If the use of insect-based feeds seems to be one of the solutions to the challenges facing the planet, we might well ask whether in a country like France, where gastronomy holds great importance, people are ready to embrace the integration of insects into its culinary offerings?   

As we reflect on the evolving attitudes towards food and sustainability, it becomes increasingly plausible to imagine a future where insect proteins find their place on French dining tables. As Anais Maury - Director of communication and public affairs of Ÿnsect - pointed out, “two decades ago, the idea of eating raw fish in France might have seemed unconventional, but today it's embraced with enthusiasm”.  

In a world where food security and eco-conscious choices are paramount, innovation knows no bounds. A food revolution is underway, and it's happening in France! 



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