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Touraine PDO

These wines can be white, rosé, sparkling, or red. The Touraine protected destination of origin encompasses aromatic, open, and fruity wines produced in the Loire Valley that feature different characteristics depending on the specific terroir and varietal.

Center - Loire Valley
Production area :
Center - Loire Valley
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What you need to know

Vineyards were first established in Touraine when Saint Martin founded the Marmoutier Monastery in 372. The presence of multiple waterways meant the wine could be easily transported, which in turn expanded its reach. In the seventh century, Touraine became the capital's main source of wine. Its diverse range of climates and soil types produces a wide variety of wines. To the west, a sunny fall season and the ocean's influence mean late-ripening varieties like cabernet franc have enough time to mature. To the east, the continental climate provides the ideal conditions for sauvignon grapes and the production of dry white wines.


Look for white Touraine, pale yellow color. Reds: cherry, ruby. Rosés: pale pink.
Smell for white Touraine, broom, honeysuckle, acacia, exotic fruits, lemon. For reds, red fruits (good English and bananas for early vegetables). Rosés: spices. Sparklings: brioche, green apple, honey.
Taste Whites are lively, aromatic and floral. The reds are light, fruity, frank, with discreet tannins. Rosés are fresh, spicy and dry. Sparklings have flavors of brioche and apple.

How to use

Storing a Touraine

2 years in general (3 to 4 years for full-bodied red Touraine)

Preparing and serving a Touraine

14 ° C for the red Touraines, 10 ° C for the whites, rosés and sparkling

Tasting a Touraine

It is appreciated in a stemmed glass for still wines, in a flute for sparkling

Pair with

Red wines from the Touraine protected destination of origin: Red and white meat, coq au vin, charcuterie, and cheese.

White wines from the Touraine protected destination of origin: Sologne asparagus, seafood, fish, and goat cheese.

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