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Cremant de Loire PDO

The Crémant de Loire protected designation of origin is a sparkling wine with small bubbles established in the 1970s after the INAO, a French agricultural regulatory body, developed strict specifications regarding the production of crémant within France.

Pays de la Loire
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Pays de la Loire
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What you need to know

The Loire Valley has a long tradition of producing sparkling wines with small bubbles. However, the Crémant de Loire PDO was only created after the INAO issued specifications regulating the production of crémant on the national level. The expertise of Loire Valley winemakers and the unique conditions of the terroir combine to produce Crémant de Loire wine in accordance with strict specifications. Crémant de Loire PDO wine is made using the traditional method. After disgorgement, the wine is fermented a second time in the bottle, then placed horizontally on wooden racks and allowed to age for at least twelve months. A range of varietals that are common to the Loire Valley are used to make the wine, including chenin, orbois, chardonnay, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, grolleau (noir and gris), pinot d'aunis, and pinot noir. The extent of the production area, which includes a wide variety of soils and climate types, explains why so many varietals flourish in the region. The result is a collection of wines that have wide-ranging characteristics.


Look crystalline, clear color with gray reflections for the whites. Cherry-salmon color for the rosés.
Smell for the whites, peach, dried fruits and brioche. For rosés, red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, etc.).
Taste the sparklings are fine. The whites are ample, generous, fruity and fresh. The rosés are generous, fresh, round and slightly tannic.

How to use

Storing a Crémant de Loire

Should be enjoyed within the year. Store for up to two to three years at most.

Preparing and serving a Crémant de Loire

Serve at 6-8 °C 

Tasting a Crémant de Loire

Serve in a flute to better appreciate the small bubbles. The wine's small and regular bubbles as well as its floral and fruity aromas will delight your palate.

Pair with

As a pre-dinner drink, Crémant de Loire works well for parties and when served with fish, shellfish, and desserts. More structured wines can be served with chicken in a cream sauce.

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