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Andouille de Guémené

Don’t let the aroma put you off – take a bite! A specialty of Brittany, this smoked chitterling sausage is well worth a try. Made with salted pig intestines, the sausage adds flavor to appetizers, buckwheat crepes and other sharing dishes. 

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What you need to know

Subject since 2017 to the “Code des usages de la charcuterie”, a code of good practice for meat products, the Andouille de Guémené has been awarded the demanding “Tradition” designation. In other words, this prized Breton meat product is made from pig intestines sourced exclusively from western France. They are cleaned, salted with Guérande salt, sorted by size and then strung together. The fresh andouille is then smoked using beechwood for two days and dried for two to three weeks, using the conventional method, and up to nine months for the “very dry” version. Then it’s all a matter of taste! 


Look Dark brown with concentric circles of pinkish flesh.
Taste A slight bite and strong smoky flavors.

Nutritional benefits

Naturally high in fat, the Andouille de Guémené is also rich in protein. 

Editor's note

« Guémené-sur-Scorff is a small rural community in central Brittany. The andouille of the same name is thought to have originated here before winning over countless hearts – and stomachs – across France! »

How to use


Store in a cool place for several days. 


Remove the skin of the Andouille de Guémené before tasting. 


Although the Andouille de Guémené is often enjoyed cold and sliced as an appetizer, it can also be reheated and served with mashed potatoes or sautéed apples, or to add zing to fish filets. 

Pair with

Potatoes, mushrooms, onions, cod, apple, crusty country bread and more, accompanied by a glass of Cheverny white wine. 

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