Hot dog Morteau sauasage
10 min
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Morteau Sausage PGI Hot Dog

Let’s put a French spin of the traditional hot dog, with generous slices of fried Morteau sausage PGI. The delicious traditional smoked sausage from the Franche-Comté region works wonders with sweet English mustard and sharp pickled onions. 

Preparation time

5 min

Ingredients For

  • x 2
  • 2 tablespoons
  • x 4
  • Morteau sausage
    Saucisse de Morteau PGI



Slice the Morteau sausage in 6 slices, about 1cm thick. 


Thinly slice some pickled onions and wash the fresh herbs. 


In a hot pan on medium/high heat, fry the Morteau sausage PGI slices until nice and golden. 


Open the hot dog buns, fill with 3 slices of Morteau in each one with a few pickled onion slices, a spoonful of English mustard, and chopped fresh herbs.  
Serve immediately. 

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