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Hot Oysters with Seaweed Butter

A deliciously sea-flavored recipe that makes a change - for the better! 

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Finely chop the seaweed flakes and knead them into the butter by hand.  Set aside. 


Remove the drip tray from the oven. Preheat the oven to 390°F (convection). Shuck the oysters. Throw the natural liquor away but keep the top shells. Make a bed of coarse salt on the drip tray. Place the oysters on the salt in their bottom shells. 


Wash the top shells. Arrange a slice of seaweed butter in each of the oysters. 


Top the oysters with their shells. Bake them for 6 minutes. At the end of cooking, remove the top shells. Divide the oysters between the four serving plates, dressed with a bed of coarse salt. Serve immediately. 

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