On March 8, International Women's Day was celebrated around the world.Taste France continues to give them a voice. Agnès Henry is the owner of the Domaine de la Tour du Bon, which belongs to the Bandol appellation in the department of Var in South of France. Although she considers herself more of an inspirer than a winemaker, she feels a close bond with the estate. 

Profiles of women : Agnès Henry, Bandol

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How did you become a winemaker? 

Coming from a Parisian family, winemaking wasn't in my blood. However, my parents had a holiday home near the Domaine de la Tour du Bon, and one day in 1968, they bought it. My mother looked after it until 1989, when she handed over to me. That was the end of my career in the dairy industry, where I had been working following my studies in the agri-food field. When I first arrived, aged 27, I didn't drink wine or any other alcohol... 

How would you describe your relationship with the domaine today? 

We look after each other. There is a hill on the estate: it's a gentle climb, but it elevates you all the same. It suits me perfectly. I don't want to move mountains, I'm not out to conquer the world. What I like about my job is the idea that everything comes from one place. Our role is to interpret the vines; they give us grapes, which we transform into wine, and it all ends up in someone's glass. To my mind, that takes balance, light, a feeling, a style, and an energy. Our Bandol wines remain great accompaniments, they complement the dish. With the exception of En Sol, which works all on its own, and D'ici!, which with oxidation, is perfect for enjoying at the end of a meal. 

What are your thoughts on women in the wine industry? 

In the past, most worked in the shadow of their husbands. These days, they are more in the forefront. But personally, as I said, I wasn't born into winemaking, I don't spend all my time with the vines. Other women are far more natural winemakers. I am perhaps more of an inspirer... 

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