Treat Your Mom to a Taste of French Flare This Mother's Day

By Vicki Denig

Mother’s Day may still look a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean we’re completely giving up on celebrating the most important women in our lives. Thankfully by May, temperatures are on the rise (and rosé season is fully upon us), making it much easier to socially-distance with family and friends outdoors.  

Happy Mother's Day

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Although you may not be able to jet off to France to celebrate with Mom this year, why not bring a taste of French flare to wherever you’re celebrating? We’ve got seven fun-filled ideas to Frenchify your Mother’s Day celebrations this year. If your Mom loves all things wine, Paris, and French culture, we’ve got an idea or two for you.  

Picnic in the Park  

It’s no secret that the French love a good picnic, and while we can’t get to Paris just yet, we can certainly still prepare French-inspired picnics wherever we are. We recommend seeking out some of France’s quintessential picnic supplies / brands (think St. Michel cookies, President Butter, and Le Châtelain cheese), then scouting out a great spot to socially-distance outside with mom. For those who don’t have direct access to French products in their cities / hometowns, shopping from Le Panier Francais or Simply Gourmand are great options.  

Host a French Movie Night 

Does your Mom love a night out at the movies? Although movie theaters are beginning to open up across the United States, hosting a movie night in promises a much more personalized experience. We recommend choosing a classic French film (think Amélie, Breathless, or La Vie), whipping up some French-inspired snacks (gougeres, anyone?) and bringing the party straight to your couch.  

Prepare an Evening Apéro 

Apéro and French culture go hand in hand, so it makes perfect sense to recreate the tradition for your Paris-loving Mom at home. For those who don’t have nearby parks to picnic at, creating a simple French-inspired apéro at home is the perfect solution. Grab some toasty baguettes, gooey French cheese, and a bottle of French wine and you’re off to a great start.  

Indulge in Favorite French Pastimes  

Looking to transport your Mom to the sunny south of France? In addition to preparing your French apéro at home, we recommend organizing a socially-distant pétanque match with friends and family. Pétanque and pastis promise to bring her back to sea-tinged inspired South of France memories, and if you can snag a bottle of Pastis or Provencal rosé to complete the experience, even better. For a solid go-to pétanque set, check out the options at Pétanque America.  

Give the Gift of French Style 

You know that whole je ne sais quoi thing that everyone talks about French women having? Sometimes all it takes is a simple leveling up of one’s wardrobe. Gifting your mom a Breton-inspired Marinière shirt, exquisite French fragrance, or quintessential French scarf all promise to provide a fashionable taste of French flare to this Mother’s Day.  

Take a Trip to the Museum  

OK, so it may not be the Louvre or Orsay, but planning a day trip to a local museum definitely promises to spark some French memories for your Mother’s Day celebration. Start the day off loading up on croissants and café au lait for breakfast, spend the afternoon checking out some French art, and conjure up a bunch of a memories from your Mom’s last French getaway – we can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend afternoon (especially if it's raining!)  

Find a Bit of France In Her Favorite Activities 

Truthfully, there’s a taste of French flare to be found in even the smallest of daily activities. Does your Mom love puzzles? Snag one that features a classic Parisian neighborhood scene. Painting more her thing? Recreate a paint night at home with some Eiffel Tower inspiration as the theme. Can’t get enough singing and dancing? Host a makeshift karaoke night at home featuring all of the French classics. Although we’re all dreaming of jetting off to France as soon as possible, there are so many ways to bring the best of its culture to the most important woman in your life this year. 

Taste France Magazine wishes you and your loved ones a very Happy Mother’s Day! 


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