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A bright and festive wine! Crémant d'Alsace is an elegant and refined sparkling wine made with traditional wine-making methods from grapes produced in Alsace.  

What you need to know

This is a popular type of sparkling wine in France and is second only to Champagne! Crémant d'Alsace is made using the "traditional" method, i.e. the same technique used to make Champagne. This type of wine can be made from either a single grape varietal or a blend of several different varietals, such as Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. Pinot blanc is the primary varietal used in Crémant wines. This type of grape provides the wine its delicate flavor and supple character. Pinot noir is also used to produce Rosé Crémant wines. Vintage bottles are also available.  

Editor's note

« In the winter, I like serving it to friends and family during happy hour if we're celebrating something. I pair it with gougères (a cheese-based pastry), cheese cubes (Comté and Basque sheep's milk cheese), slices of raw ham, and ocean shrimp. »

How to use

Preparing and serving PDO Crémant d'Alsace

To truly appreciate the wine's bubbles, chill for at least 3 hours before serving and serve in a champagne flute, or a tulip glass, at 44-46 °F. 

Pair with

Savory: salmon, oysters, king scallops, seafood, fish or poultry in a cream sauce, hard-rind cheeses, and Camembert. 

Sweet: poached fruit, fruit salad, desserts with candied nuts or caramel. Do not pair with chocolate! 

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