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Christmas Menu


How about giving your Christmas menu a little French twist this year? 

Just imagine...a chestnut velouté with bacon cream, grenadine of veal with roasted parsnip and pears, and a vanilla, mango and passion fruit Pavlova. Tempting, isn’t it? Especially when you find out that the whole menu only takes an hour and a half to prepare. Oh, yes! Just take each of these recipes in the following order... 

First, make the velouté, including the toasted hazelnuts, and set it aside. Then, prepare your Pavlova, with its fresh fruit and vanilla seeds.  Next, tackle the veal medallions before serving your aperitif; you can pop them in the oven just as everyone sits up to the table. Now, prepare the bacon cream and serve your velouté. Enjoy your next course, the veal medallions. Finally, for dessert, whip the cream and dress the Pavlova.
Merry Christmas! 

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