JLT Sandwich
15 min
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Bayonne ham, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

The classic BLT sandwich revisited

Ingredients For

  • x 4
  • 5 ml
  • Bayonne Ham
    Bayonne Ham PGI
  • x 2
  • Iceberg_lettuce
    Iceberg Lettuce
    x 4
  • x 4
  • Olive oil and blue background
    Vallée des Baux-de-Provence Olive Oil PDO



Wash lettuce, dry and cut into thin shreds. Slices tomatoes into ½ inch thick

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Toast bread until golden color.

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Spread each slice with 1 tbsp mayonnaise mixed with chopped rosemary 

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Top with Bayon ham, tomatoes and lettuce seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and grounded pepper.

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Cut in half and serve

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