How would you like to experience a new way of savoring the vast riches of France's vineyards? In addition to traditional cellar tours and tastings, the Winalist site offers a myriad of unusual experiences to enjoy… more than 750 of them in France alone! And they're just a few clicks away! Let us tell you more. 

Taste different!

A fascinating story 

Having experienced a variety of internships and exchanges in Spain, the US and Canada, “I’ve come to realize that our heritage is one of the richest in the world but can be tricky to explore. I learned that lesson the hard way when I booked a weekend in the Bordeaux region, wasting at least four hours before ultimately finding that there were no experiences available…” This observation was what prompted Nicolas Manfredini to launch the Winalist digital platform in 2017. At 24 years old, he already had several business ventures to his name. His ambition? To become the European leader in wine tourism experiences around the world. Five years on, his achievement has to be admired… 
Tens of thousands of visitors a year, more than 60% from countries other than France; nearly 950 experiences in France alone, tested and rated by the participants; over 700 partner estates spanning every French wine region; a site available in 11 languages…  

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Unique shared moments 

But beyond the figures lie the experiences… in their dozens! A host of crazy ideas… What about exploring the vineyards of Château de Pommard in a hot air balloon and enjoying a tasting in the skies over Burgundy? Roaming around Champagne during harvesting and even getting involved here and there? Visiting an estate in Bandol, in Provence, in a legendary Citroën Méhari? Blending your own Bordeaux wine in the cellar? Taking part in a wine-themed escape game in Chinon? A yoga break among the vines of the Loire? A battle of the titans between Rhône wines: South vs North? All this is possible! Winalist can make it happen. And what’s more, very easily, intuitively, and without booking fees. It’s an approach that’s as accessible as it is attractive. Something we also subscribe to here at Taste France Magazine. So, what are you waiting for? 

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Taste France Magazine’s selection 

Between Bordeaux and Saint-Émilion, at the Château de Camarsac, a workshop is waiting to help you blend your own vintage wine before bottling it and labeling it with your own name. 
Book your experience at Château de Carmasac on Winalist. 

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The vines of Burgundy, seen from the sky. A dream? No, a reality! Thanks to Château Pommard, which offers you the chance to fly over the Côte de Beaune in a hot air balloon, after a tour of the estate’s seven terroirs, combined with a tasting session. 
Book your experience at Château Pommard on Winalist.

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Every year on the third Thursday of November, Beaujolais Nouveau wines go on sale all over the world! This is a dream opportunity to enjoy the wines of Maison Jambon with a mâchon (a typical Lyon meal). 
Explore wine experiences from Maison Jambon on Winalist. 

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Loire Valley
How about “robbing” the cellars of an estate on the approach to Chinon? That’s the basic principle of an escape game devised by Domaine Pierre & Bertrand Couly, followed by a visit, and tasting. 
Explore wine experiences from Domaine Pierre&Bertrand Couly on Winalist.

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A day of harvesting in Champagne, walking through its Grand Cru villages, meeting families from three different estates, tasting their wines, participating in the first grape pressings, and using a saber to open the bottle of champagne that will accompany your picnic… 
Discover Champagne region on Winalist. 

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