Stocking fillers: our favourite foodie gifts this festive season

By Valentine Benoist

This time of the year, we’re all on the hunt for the best affordable stocking filler ideas for our loved ones. At Taste France Magazine, we can’t help but have a soft spot for edible gifts! So for all the foodies in your life, here’s a selection of glorious food gifts - both pretty and delicious - that won’t break the bank. 

Stocking fillers: our favourite foodie gifts this festive season

Hotel vibes: The Frenchman mini jams 

A modern take on authentic jam, these organic and vegan jams are made with 75% organic fruit, 25% unrefined cane sugar and natural agar agar. Slowly made in France by fourth-generation jam-makers, the recipes are kept simple to let the fruit shine - think strawberry, raspberry, bitter orange or apricot, to name a few.  

The real stocking filler hit here lies in the format: the mini jams are almost too cute to actually spread on a buttery baguette! Coming in 30 g jars for just £1 each, these sweet jewels will make every morning feel like a glamorous hotel getaway. 
30g jars for £1, 260g jar for £6 
Free UK delivery for orders over £29 

© ©The Frenchman

Taste of Provence: Sun-dried tomato spread 

In the depth of winter, we’re all longing for these never-ending, warm summer days, enjoying some relaxing time-off somewhere in the South of France… A blend of sun-dried tomatoes, tomato purée, onions, garlic and chilli, this comforting paste is just what the doctor ordered. 

Rich and flavourful, this is a wonderful stocking filler for any vegan or gluten-free foodie. Just add a spoonful to a pasta dish or spread on a bruschetta for a one-way ticket to those Provence days.  

£3.90 from Deli Français 

© ©Chan2545

Presidential treat: cornichons by Maison Marc 

Pickles will brighten up every single dish, every single day. Hand-picked and hand-packaged, these artisan cornichons from Maison Marc are grown near Chablis in the Burgundy region. These are top of the French pickle game - rumour has it they are served at the President's table at Elysee! 

French gherkins preserved in vinegar with a hint of tarragon, they are the perfect match to any sort of saucisson, ham, pâtés… Anything meaty, they will jazz up instantly. 

£8.50 from Ma Petite Cocotte 

© ©Maison Marc

Tradition first: duck mousse by Maison Argaud 

Maison Argaux has been making cured meat and pâtés in Béarn, in the South West of France since 1982, so they know a thing or two about charcuterie. Specialising in duck and pork, they offer a wide range of tinned delicacies.  

For all the foodies out there, we have our eye on this luscious, soft duck mousse - a perfect treat to crack open on a lazy evening. Spread on a piece of toasted sourdough bread with a thin layer of comforting onion chutney… that’s dinner sorted, French-style. 

£8 from Provisions 

© ©Scherer James

Christmas sweet classic: Calissons d’Aix 

Part of the Thirteen Desserts traditionally enjoyed on Christmas Eve in the South of France, Calissons d’Aix PGI will delight any sweet tooth. We even went a step further and visited Roy René’s confectionary if you want to read alll about the process here. 

Shaped like almonds, these candies are composed of successive layers of candied Cavaillon melon, ground almond and royal icing. The hardest part is definitely to refrain from eating them all, once you’ve opened Pandora’s box! 

£10.99 from French Click 

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