35 min

Summer Salad With Burgundy Mustard Vinaigrette

An easy-to-make salad that features a blend of sweet and savory flavors! 

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Ingredients For

  • PGI Burgundy mustard
    Sauces & condiments
    PGI Burgundy Mustard
  • Olive oil and blue background
    Oil & oilseeds
    PDO Vallée des Baux-de-Provence Olive Oil
    10 cl See the article
  • 4 c
  • x 4
  • 2 slices
  • x 0.50
  • x 0.50
  • 1 tbsp

After removing the crust, cut the bread into cubes. Remove the outer skin from the chorizo and chop into small cubes. 

Heat half the oil in a skillet and brown the croutons on high heat. Once the croutons have turned brown, remove from heat and place them on a paper towel.

Brown the chorizo in the same skillet on high heat. Stir. As soon as they become crisp, let drain on a paper towel. 

Gently drop the eggs into a pot of boiling water. Cook for 5 minutes at a gentle boil, drain, then peel in cold water

In a bowl, create an emulsion using the vinegar, mustard, and remaining oil. Add salt and pepper. 

Seed the pomegranate. 

In 4 bowls, divide the roquette, croutons, and grilled chorizo. Top with an egg cut in half. Add the chopped chervil, a few pomegranate seeds, and crushed pink peppercorns. Drizzle the vinaigrette on top. 

Pair with

Drink pairing: White Burgundy wine 

Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce
PDO Vallée des Baux-de-Provence Olive Oil
PDO Vallée des Baux-de-Provence Olive Oil
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