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Pulled Duck Nuggets

When you meet an American YouTuber, of course, you immediately talk to him about nuggets. You really think so? Well, not actually. These nuggets of pulled Landes duck are a long, long way from what you imagine nuggets to be. Peanut butter, corn flakes, satay sauce. Not for the faint of heart! As with any recipe, if you choose the right products, the end result is indisputable. A delicious wine pairing with muscadet from Vignobles Günther Chereau to go with these. Just ask Byron what he thought! 

Preparation time

45 min

Ingredients For

  • 3 pieces
  • 1.70 oz
  • 5 oz
  • PDO Espelette Pepper
    Piment d'Espelette PDO
  • peanutbutter
    Peanut butter
    3 oz
  • 1 bunch
  • Olives
    Nyons Black Olives PDO
  • 7 oz



Gently cook the duck legs in the oven. Once the fat is lightly browned, remove from the oven. Remove all the meat from the legs, it should go away by itself! 


Add the chopped chives, crushed olives, satay sauce, Espelette pepper and a spoonful of peanut butter. Add crushed peanuts for crunch. 


Form nuggets, ensuring ingredients are thoroughly mixed.   


Bread the nuggets with the cereal and fry them in a deep fryer at 340°F (170°C).  
Remove when the nuggets are golden brown.  




Pair with

White Wine - Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie - Anima Mea 

The duck and Espelette pepper require a wine that is both powerful so that it does not fade away from the dish, but also has a smooth texture with buttery and saline notes to match with the peanut butter sauce like this wine from Vignobles Günther-Chereau in Loire Valley. 

The terroir brings finesse and elegance to this wine.Fresh, lemony nose with notes of gunflint. Powerful, mineral-driven palate. Very long finish. Ripeness and roundness, with excellent balance.

Want to now more about Vignobles Günther-Cherau? It's right here

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