The Salon International de l'Agriculture, one of the world's largest food fair

Discover the heart of French agriculture at the Salon de l'Agriculture, the largest farm in France. An annual event that brings tradition, innovation, and contemporary challenges together at the Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition center. 

Discover the world's largest Food Fair: The Salon de l'Agriculture Experience

What draws over 600,000 people annually to the Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition center? It's not just the scale of the Salon de l'Agriculture, but the unique blend of tradition and innovation that marks this as the essential gathering for the agricultural world. Each year in February, this massive event unites thousands of passionate individuals, from farmers and breeders to agri-food industry representatives, researchers, and policymakers, complemented by the presence of over 3,000 journalists.

Highlighting the event's tradition, a new mascot is chosen annually to symbolize the salon's spirit. This year, Oreillette, a beautiful 5-year-old Norman cow, has been honored as the face of the salon, embodying the rich heritage and vibrant future of French agriculture. 

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A variety of engaging activities and insightful exhibitions 


The Salon International de l'Agriculture not only serves as a melting pot for industry professionals and agricultural enthusiasts but also acts as an educational platform, offering workshops, tastings, and live demonstrations that enlighten visitors about sustainable practices and the journey from farm to table. It's a place where innovation meets tradition, highlighting the latest in agri-tech alongside time-honored methods of cultivation and livestock management. Children also can enjoy over a hundred activities and workshops focused on taste, nutrition, seasons, biodiversity, and the environment. 


The best of the best French products 


The heart of the fair showcases four different realms: services and professions in agriculture, plant cultivation and processing, products from France, overseas and the world, last but not least, breeding and its sectors. The highlight is the prestigious Concours Général Agricole, aimed at awarding the best French food products coming from all over the French regions, from Normandy to the Provence via the Alps and Brittany. Visitors have the unique opportunity to taste some of France's best culinary treasures, ranging from the creamy St Nectaire cheese to the spicy Piment d'Espelette or the savory Rillettes du Mans.

Open to all French producers, including farmers, breeders, winemakers, cheesemakers, and food artisans, products are judged by an expert jury based on category-specific quality criteria such as presentation, smell, texture, taste, and other product-specific features.  

Besides from the General Competition, there's also the animal contest where, since its inception in 1864, breeders showcase the finest in French livestock genetics: Equines, Bovines, Canines, Caprines, Ovines, Porcines, and Felines


Beyond the fair: A cultural and economic pillar 


The fair has evolved in format and focus but remains steadfast in its mission: to celebrate, educate, and innovate within the realm of agriculture. It opens up avenues for engagement across the latest industry trends, competition participation, or the simple pleasure of discovering France's regional offerings, thus cementing its place as an essential event for both agricultural insiders and the general public. The excitement goes beyond the agricultural world, drawing significant political attention as well. With more than 80 official visits on average, politicians head to the event to campaign and connect with the general public. This convergence of agriculture and politics highlights the show's importance as a platform for dialogue and engagement on key issues affecting the rural and agricultural sectors. 

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