7 Quick French - Inspired Snacks for the Big Game

By Vicki Denig

As this special Game Day only comes once per year, we’re breaking all of our health-inspired New Year’s resolutions and diving straight into our favorite snacks. However, we're adding a French twist to our snack table this year. Don’t get us wrong – we certainly aren’t condoning giving up your chips, cheese dips, and other favorite snackage, we’re simply just suggesting a few ways to add some French flair to your day. It’s about to get delicious! 

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Game Day Snack: Nachos  
French Twist: Creme Fraiche, Shredded Emmental, Provencal-Inspired Herbs  

Game Day wouldn’t be the same without a hefty plate of nachos, so we’re definitely sticking to our guns here. However, you can’t go wrong with swapping out a few key ingredients to add a taste of French flair. Lose the shredded cotija and replace with Emmental, add some Provencal-inspired herbs, and swap out sour cream for creme fraiche (which has a naturally thicker consistency and tangier flavor), and voila! 


Game Day Snack: Heroes / Sandwiches  
French Twist: Mini Croque Monsieurs / Jambon Beurre 

This year, we’re swapping out our classic deli sandwiches for bite-sized croque monsieurs and jambon beurre sandwiches. Although the former is a bit more labor intensive, the latter is super easy to make: simply slather some butter on French bread, add layers of thinly sliced ham, and you’re good to go.  


Game Day Snack: Chili  
French Twist: Cassoulet  

Although this swap requires a bit more work, we promise that the outcome is worth it. For those looking to add a touch of French flavor to their recipe but not entirely lose the ease of making chili, simply add some white beans and sausage to your existing recipe. Get ready for an instant transport to the sunny South of France! 


Game Day Snack: French Fries 
French Twist: Poutine 

French fries will always be one of our go-to snacks, no matter the occasion. For this year’s Game Day, we’re adding a bit of gravy and cheese curds to our fries to level up this classic salty treat. (OK, so this is a bit Quebecois-inspired, but we promise you that Poutine is beloved by Frenchies across the globe!)  


Game Day Snack: Pigs in a Blanket 
French Twist: Andouillette  

Pigs in a blanket are great, but they don’t hold a candle to Andouillette, France’s answer to sausage cravings worldwide. Unlike the chewy texture that frozen hot dogs provide, these delicious, coarse-grained sausages are loaded with flavor (and are often made with pepper, wine, onions, and seasoning). Count us in.  


Game Day Snack: Mozzarella Sticks 
French Twist: Fried or Baked Camembert  

Lose the mozzarella sticks? We promise this swap is worth it. Grab some decent Camembert, cut into small chunks, coat in your choice of batter (we recommend using breadcrumbs and French herbs), and throw into the deep fryer. For a much easier swap, simply throw the cheese wheel on a baking sheet, heat until gooey, and serve with sliced baguette. 


Game Day Snack: Pizza  
French Twist: Tarte Flambée  

Pizza is a weekend staple, both during and outside of football season. This year, we’re exchanging our usual pie for an Alsatian-inspired tarte flambée, loaded with bacon bits, creme fraiche, and caramelized onions. We know that it sounds like a sin to sacrifice your Game Day pizza, but once you taste this delicious alternative, we promise there’ll be no going back!  


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