4 Tips to Make your Salads Less Boring

By Keda Black

We're now in the heat of summer... don't cook on a hot stove! Stay cool. We can help: here are a few ideas to make your salads sensational.

4 tips to make your salads less boring

Tip #1: don't be afraid to mix textures, temperatures, vegetables and fruits!

When it comes to salads, mixing is key. How about slices of pink tomato with flat peach and dill, or quarters of tomato with yellow peach and chopped tarragon? Another great combo: steak, strawberries and thin slices of watermelon, tossed with basil and black pepper. You could even try thin slices of apricot on a green bean salad tossed with roasted almonds, or melon slices in a cucumber salad with mint and sheep's cheese, or even eggplant chopped into cubes and drizzled with oil, mixed with runner beans cooked al dente with quarters of yellow tomato...

Tip #2: the final garnish is the difference between a good and a great salad!

Examples? Of course! Sprinkle roasted buckwheat seeds over a green bean salad. Chic and interesting. To make your Romaine salad even crunchier, use “iced” nuts: toss nuts in a lightly beaten egg white with a pinch of salt and place in the oven for 30 minutes at 130°C (265°F). Similarly, perk up leftover grilled tomatoes with slices of Roscoff onion and pink garlic pan-cooked in oil with a pinch of coriander, smoked pepper and cumin. Delicious!

Tip 3: seasoning, seasoning, seasoning!

Use anything your heart desires. Herbs, fruits, peppers, change your olive oil or try sesame, hazelnut or other traditional nut oils. Also try our variety of basils: Large Green, lemon-basil, spicy Thai, etc. For a touch of acid without being too aggressive, try Rivesaltes vinegar or cider. You could also try an interesting dressing, such as eggs and anchovies mixed with olive oil and a bit of cream on Sucrine lettuce with croutons, or capers, coriander, Espelette pepper, and olive oil mixed together to top a French bean salad.

Tip 4: make your salads unique!

Of course, you can always go the traditional route and top your salads with poached eggs, chicken or sardines. Yum! But you can also try white beans, chickpeas or Soisson beans (soaked overnight and cooked for 1 to 1.5 hours), and/or cooked einkorn or a handful of red rice. The added texture is delicious. Even better, it will keep you full all day without being too heavy. But don't forget, the vegetables must be the star of the show!

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