Red Label chicken

Landes Free-Range Chicken PGI Label Rouge

Chickens raised entirely free-range, in the open air in the heart of the pine forests of Landes, and fed mainly with locally grown corn. These are the requirements set out by the very first French Label Rouge in history, awarded in 1965! These chickens can be white, yellow or black, but what really counts is that wonderful flavor!

What you need to know

In south-east France, the pine trees stretch as far as the eye can see. There, in the heart of Europe's largest forest massif, these white, yellow and black birds are reared in freedom. And how! Landes farmhouse chickens enjoy a mild climate and tailor-made shelters for at least 81 days. Characteristic sheds are specially built and assembled by the farmers in situ, then moved during the season to allow vegetation to regrow. These "Marensines" (portable henhouses) provide all the water and feed the birds require, the feed being exclusively plant-based and at least 80% local grown corn. It all makes for extraordinary texture and flavor.




Immaculate skin and pinkish flesh. Non-fatty, quite firm.


White chicken: a fairly firm texture and subtle flavors. Yellow chicken: a slightly fattier meat, with more intense flavors. Black chicken: a soft, delicate flesh with slightly nutty notes.

Nutritional benefits

Landes farmhouse chicken is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.

How to use

Storing Label Rouge Landes Farmhouse Chicken PGI

Maximum of 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator, if possible in the coldest part (approx. 4 °C). The whole, prepared chicken freezes quite well, as long as its is also cooked whole.

Prepare Label Rouge Landes Farmhouse Chicken PGI

To enhance the flavor further, you can slide lemon slices and/or herbs under the skin.

Using Label Rouge Landes Farmhouse Chicken PGI

It lends itself to various cooking methods, either whole or in pieces: roasting, grilling, in a casserole, poached, etc. 
For roasting, we recommend putting the chicken in the oven while it is still cold, then setting it to 300 °F (convection mode) for an hour per kilo. Ten minutes before the end of cooking, increase the temperature to crisp up the skin.

Pair with

Landes farmhouse chicken goes beautifully with garlic, lemon, black truffle, almonds, celery sticks or chunks, root vegetables, apples, etc. From a wine perspective, go for a red Tursan.

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