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Cabernet d'Anjou PDO

Soft and aromatic, the Cabernet d'Anjou protected destination of origin refers to a rosé wine that stands out for its light-bodied flavor, unlike other rosés, which tend to be drier.

Pays de la Loire
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Pays de la Loire
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What you need to know

Wines from the Cabernet d'Anjou protected destination of origin are made using cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. It is the only "light-bodied" PDO rosé produced in France. Its softness, refined taste, and ripe red fruit aromas have turned it into the second-most popular rosé in France in terms of volume. The region's temperate and rather dryoceanic climate, with its limited variations in temperature, illustrates the mildness that Anjou is so famous for. These same characteristics can be found in every glass of Cabernet d'Anjou.


Look bright and crystalline color, candy pink color ranging from salmon to raspberry.
Smell red fruits, rose, sweetness and grenadine.
Taste round and smooth with a fresh and lively finish of white pepper and mint.

How to use

Storing a Cabernet d'Anjou

Cabernet d'Anjou wine is supposed to be enjoyed young, but top vintages can offer their share of surprises and be stored for several decades.

Preparing and serving a Cabernet d'Anjou

Serve at 42-46 °F

Tasting a Cabernet d'Anjou

Serve in a snifter to fully appreciate its bright, transparent color and ripe red fruit aromas.

Pair with

International cuisine. Wines from the Cabernet d'Anjou protected destination of origin pair well with spices and sweet-savory combinations. This wine complements Asian dishes very well.

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