TFM_Sauteed Spinach and Duck
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Sauteed Spinach and Duck

As part of the Foodies Challenge, Spanish chef Alberto Herraiz has come up with a generous dish perfect for a family Sunday or a dinner with friends.

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Ingredients For

  • Olive oil and blue background
    Oil & oilseeds
    PDO Vallée des Baux-de-Provence Olive Oil
    5 cl See the article
  • 300 gr
  • x 2
  • x 2
  • x 16
  • x 0.25
  • 60 gr
  • 10 gr
  • 20 gr

Finely chop the raisins, dates, the skin of the kumquats and half the preserved lemon and bind with a dash of olive oil. Set aside.

In a small bowl, combine the the beetroot, sherry vinegar, oyster sauce, Dijon mustard and duck. Season with salt and pepper. Keep cool for 30 min.

Cut the spinach stems lengthways into 6 mm pieces and set aside. Remove the veins from the leaves if necessary. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the spinach until very lightly cooked but not raw. Season with salt, pepper and ground aniseed. Set aside in a colander.

Take a plate measuring around 25 cm (10").Dot the inner edges of the plate evenly with the date, kumquat, raisin and lemon mixture, place the spinach in the center with the pine nuts. Place the cubes of marinated duck on the spinach and garnish with the chopped spinach stems. 

Serve warm!

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