The Flower Rosé Cocktail
5 min

The Flower Rosé Cocktail

Immerse yourself in some 1970's atmosphere with this sparkling pop cocktail and its floral signature style! Psychedelic and bursting with energy, the Flower Rosé takes you back to the Flower Power era for a flamboyant tasting experience.

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Ingredients For

  • 7.50 cl
  • 5 cl
  • 1.50 cl
In partnership with  Vin de France Wines

Cool your glass with a few ice cubes and pour the hibiscus syrup into the bottom of the glass

Add 2/3 of VDF Rosé  

Top up your cocktail with 1/3 of Tonic Water

Stir vigorously to combine the flavours

To add a fruity note to your cocktail, add some fresh raspberries

You’re set. Just sit back and enjoy your Flower Rosé ! 

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