French Baguette
16 h 50 min

Baguette de Tradition Française

Hebert_LeFournil By Jean-François Hébert, Baker

“Yes, it is a long process, but the more you take your time, the better!” As they say, good things come to those who wait. But how does it even make sense for them to offer this?

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Ingredients For

  • 0.50 kg
  • 680 ml
  • 4 teaspoons
  • 1.50 teaspoons
  • 125 ml

Note: ‘Base Temperature’ of the room should be no higher than 30°C.

Add flour and water into a spiral mixer for three minutes at first speed. Let sit for one hour.

Add salt, yeast, and liquid sourdough. 

Knead for eight minutes at first speed, then one minute at second speed.

Add a bit of water if necessary. Dough should be supple and easy to work. 

Let the dough rest in a tray at room temperature (around 23°C / 73°F) for one hour, then for 12 hours in the refrigerator at 3°C / 37°F. 

Remove dough from the refrigerator and let sit for an hour. 

Shape into an oval form and let sit. Shape into five baguettes, lightly flour them, and let them sit for 30-60 minutes to rise a bit more. 

Bake in a deck oven for 20 minutes at 250°C / 480°F. 

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