When Fashion Meets Cuisine: French food in fashion mode!

Trends move faster in the fashion industry than a Parisian waiter bringing hot onion soup. But there is a new trend that is shaking up the catwalks and kitchens: the improbable blend of French fashion and cuisine. Numerous designers and brands have decided to offer tailor-made French food. 

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An example that fizzed in the world of haute-couture is the "Champagne" collection by Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld drew his inspiration from the golden bubbles of this sparkling nectar. The fabrics in the collection shimmer like fine bubbles rising to the surface of a glass of champagne. An elegant and sophisticated look, just like this luxury beverage. 


Another delicious alliance between fashion and cuisine was the collaboration between renowned chef Alain Ducasse and the luxury ready-to-wear brand Dior. Together, they concocted a capsule collection that showcased the flavours and ingredients of French cuisine. Dresses and accessories were adorned with fruit, legumes and herbal motifs, reminiscent of the delicacies enjoyed in the best restaurants in France. 

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For the gourmet world, the brand Agnès B. released its "La Gourmandise" collection. The clothes were inspired by French patisseries, such as macarons, eclairs and croissants. The colourful motifs and delicate textures make you want to sink your teeth into these pieces. Warning: risk of style indigestion! 

And what about Aurélie Bidermann’s signature jewellery, real culinary treasures? This designer created a collection inspired by the most famous French cheeses. Camembert, blue cheese, goat cheese, she transformed these local treasures into unique pieces of jewellery. Imagine wearing a camembert-shaped pendant around your neck; a true love or hate piece! 

This fusion between French fashion and cuisine is an ode to the culture and traditions of the country. It is also a way of showcasing the local produce for which France is famous. Of course, we can’t all afford to own these haute-couture pieces. But there's nothing to prevent us having a piece of haute-cuisine. 

Which product would take the spotlight in your fridge? 

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