Ever tasted sandy carrots from Dunkirk? Top chef-quality fruit and veg wholesaler Natoora is always on the hunt for la crème de la crème, working closely with small growers to support sustainable agriculture. When it comes to carrots, these colourful numbers have made their way into some of the coolest restaurant kitchens in Europe.  

All about Caroots

What you need to know 

On the shores of the Northern Sea, the city of Dunkirk in Northern France is not only famous for its eponymous 1940 battle, but also for its carrots! Grown in a sandy soil — hence the name — these thin red root vegetables are renowned for their very sweet, yet mineral flavour. 


How they’re sourced 

It took Natoora a long time to find the right partner after years of buying from Rungis wholesale market! From August to April, they now receive sandy and heritage carrots directly from top producer François, who likes nothing more than experimenting on his 19 cultivated hectares. Every year, 9 hectares are dedicated to yellow, white and purple sandy carrots. 


How to store them 

In season, he picks them everyday to ensure ultimate freshness, and stores them in the ground. They arrive at the warehouse still covered in sand! If you don’t have a sandpit at hand, we’d recommend keeping them in a cool dark place, with the soil still on.  


How to serve them 

Keep the skin on! Most flavours and nutrients are concentrated in there, so don’t peel them before using, just rub them vigorously under cold water to wash the sand off. 

For a fresh take on this humble vegetable, try our roast Dunkirk sandy carrots with walnut Romesco sauce. Follow the recipe here!  


Where to find them? 

Best news is, no need to be a chef to order from Natoora! There are plenty of options out there to stock up on their incredible produce: online via their app or Ocado, in their London stores or in select Whole Foods and Waitrose branches. 


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