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PDO Puy Lentils

PDO green Puy lentils owe their reputation to their exceptional flavor, which is a direct product of the Velay region where they are grown. This delicious plant protein is a favorite among vegans and vegetarians. 

Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes
Production area :
Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes

What you need to know

Located 2,500 to 3,300 feet above sea level, the high plains of Velay in Auvergne receive little rain and abundant sun in the summer. This microclimate is especially well suited to lentils and helps the crop ripen faster. Even more than the variety itself, it is the special characteristics of this region that create the exceptional qualities of Auvergne's lentils.  

The lentil is one of the very first plants farmed by humans. Evidence of its cultivation in the Puy-en-Velay region dates back to ancient times. Sown in April and harvested in September, Puy lentils are grown without fertilizers or supplemental watering in accordance with traditional methods, and only a very limited number of chemical treatments are applied to the plants. The lentils are then carefully sorted and packaged in the same region. 

When paired with a grain and vegetables, this protein-rich food makes up a complete and balanced meal. As a plant-based "steak," lentils are a great addition to a vegetarian diet.  

This particular type of lentil is very easy to spot in the store. Look for "Green Puy lentils" next to the PDO logo or label. 

Protected designation of origin (PDO)
Protected designation of origin logo

For a product to be granted the Protected Designation of Origin label, every stage of its production, processing and preparation must take place in the same particular region. These specific natural and human factors give the product its typical characteristics. This label protects the name of the product throughout the European Union and is also recognized in other countries, like Japan and China.

Nutritional benefits

Rich in protein, minerals, and slow-release carbohydrates.  

Editor's note

« In the past, in Auvergne, people would cook lentils with a few carrots, onions, and "petit salé," or salted pork. Lentils were served as a stew in winter, then as a warm or cool salad in summer with a bit of vinegar and olive oil. When updated with a few cubes of tofu, this salad can be made into a trendy vegan dish for nowadays! »

Pair with

Savory dishes: pork, veal, and cooked seasonal vegetables.  

Wine: red wines produced in Brouilly or Crozes-Hermitage. 

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