Pear, Walnut, and Fourme d'Ambert Verrines
15 min

Pear, Walnut, and Roquefort Verrines

This appetizer pairs perfectly with a glass of Banyuls. 

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Ingredients For

  • Grenoble Walnuts and Périgord Walnuts
    Fruits & Vegetables
    PDO Grenoble Walnuts and Périgord Walnuts
    0.50 c See the article
  • A slice of Roquefort cheese
    Dairy products
    PDO Roquefort
    120 gr See the article
  • x4
  • 4 tsp
  • 0.25 c
  • 3 tbsp

Roughly chop the walnuts on a cutting board using a large knife. Break up the cheese using a fork and gently mix it with the walnuts. Add the Banyuls wine and mix again. 

Cut the pears in half. Peel the pears, remove the center with the seeds, and cut the remaining fruit in cubes. Set aside in a bowl with the lemon juice. 

In 4 verrines, alternate layers of pear and cheese. End with a layer of cheese on top. Decorate each verrine with two washed and dried chive sprigs.  

Serve immediately. 

Pair with

 Banyuls wine

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