French Pastis & British Strawberries
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French Pastis & Strawberries

By Valentine Benoist, Editor

Warning: this is going to be your favourite cocktail this summer! A combination of French pastis - a classic anise-flavoured spirit - and strawberry coulis, it’s the perfect apéritif to transport you to the South of France ☀️ 

Serving tip 
Thinly slice some strawberries and stick them inside the glass before adding the ice and water. 

Ingredients For

  • x 6
  • Sucre CANNE
    Guadeloupe Cane Sugar
  • 0.70 oz



Start by cutting the strawberry stems, place them in a glass, add 2 tbsp of caster sugar and crush with a pestle until you obtain a coulis consistency.


Strain 2cl and add to a glass with 2 cl of French Pastis.


Stir well and add ice cubes.


Top up with iced water.


Garnish with a slice of strawberry and sip immediately.

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