Cordon Bleu
30 min
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Cordon bleu

A turkey cutlet wrapped with ham and cheese, then coated with breadcrumbs.  Making you hungry? Us too! Over the centuries, the cordon bleu has become a staple of French cuisine. The simplicity of this recipe means that it can be adapted down to the last detail, using healthy ingredients. 

Ingredients For

  • x 4
  • Jambon
    Superior Cooked Ham Label Rouge
  • Emmental
    Emmental de Savoie PGI
  • 0.35 cup
  • 0.20 cup
  • x 1
  • 1.25 cup



Place the escalopes on a board covered with baking paper. Using a rolling pin, flatten them slightly.  


Place a slice of ham on each escalope. Grate the cheese and place a handful on each escalope.  


Fold the escalopes in half and secure with a toothpick.  


Heat the oil in a large pan. Cook the cordon bleus for 3 minutes on each side.  


Dip them first in the flour, then the beaten egg and lastly the breadcrumbs. 

Mix &

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